It is a story when I went on a trip with my family in the summer vacation.

I rather like country walking.

I rather like country walking. The regional cuisine that is left in memories is ""Takashi Soba"". It is a famous soba in the Ouchi inn in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture. The appeal of high-end soba is where the green onions, which is a condiment on the soba, come with Dawn and the same as is. How to eat is to use soba noodle instead of chopsticks. Even if you want to eat leek, it is nice and fun. It is strange that you can finish eating safely though somehow you can eat buckwheat with green onions. I snapped onions into jaggies and made it easy for buckwheat to get involved. Of course the taste was also delicious and it was delicious with the radish sake beside being refreshed. Ouchi inn is a settlement of the private houses with a roof, not a sightseeing spot but everything living there is amazing. Of course, Takatoshi soba was treated as a dish among the actual houses of the houses, but the feelings of old houses such as the furnace side and the rim side were unbearable, and I ate the stinks and soba.

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