It is a story when I went on a trip with my family in the summer vacation.

Okinawa cuisine

Okinawa cuisine ""Goya Champlle"" now came to be cooked in Tokyo easily also at home, but it was the first time I ate in Okinawa, I felt the distance of the land in Okinawa. I was surprised to see that it was a simple dish called pork, goya and tofu, but I had never seen Goya. Its appearance like a father of green-colored cucumbers peeping in the stir-fried food like a multiplication of Chinese and Japanese cuisine was accepted naturally in hot sunshine and the bittersweet was very delicious . Because seasoning is somewhat different depending on the store, I was able to eat many times without getting tired during the trip. Some friends who traveled together were not good at bitterness and could not be eaten. It might be unavoidable because it was a person who was not good at beer either. I enjoyed Okinawa quite a bit with Orion Beer and Goya Champlle with other friends who can accept bitterness. Even now I still remember the scenery and smell of Okinawa at that time when I cook Goya Champlle and eat it.

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